Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christensen "Underlying the Myths That Blind Us"

The Christensen reading was probably my favorite reading all semester long. I really like her points of view and the examples that she uses in her pieces of work.

One specific thing I would like to talk about is her view on children's cartoons and how she believes they send very stereotypical messages to children. (I actually did an extra credit piece on this topic which can be found at the end of my Prezi). One cartoon she talks about is Popeye. In one Popeye eppisode, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, there are many examples of stereotyping as well as other factors that would upset Christensen. In this specific eppisode, all of the Arab characters look the same; wearing the same turbans, same faces, same skin color, height, size, everything. They also all carry the same exact sword. All Arabs in this episode are depicted as 'Thieves', stealing everything in the city. They steal things like food, teeth from an old man, even the stripes off of a barber pole. It is very stereotypical and offensive because, obviously, all Arab's do not look the same or wear turbans, and they all are not thieves.

Another thing Christensen talks about with Popeye is how it depicts women. Olive Oyl is constantly looking up to her "hero man", as she words it. This cartoon makes men seem more important than women. Also, in this same episode, Popeye slaps a dog leash and chain on Olive Oyl and drags her across the desert. I believe this example right here is extremely offensive and degrading to women, and sends a very wrong message to children about how not only women, but ANYONE should be treated.

You can learn more about this episode, as well as watch some footage of it if you clock here

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