Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Promising Practices

Thankfully, I had this saved to my new computer. I had typed this up after the conference on Word and forgot to post it.


Overall, I think we could agree on the fact that this was terrible to sit through. I thought that it lasted way too long, and could tell that many other people (besides myself) were getting very fidgety and were ready to go home. I thought it was going to be a lot more interesting than it was, so I was kind of disappointed. I didn't think it really related to the teaching profession as much as I had thought it would.

Another thing I would like to point out was the fact that many questions got very vague answers. If I recall correctly, there was a girl who asked a question having to do with ESL students, and how they have it a bit harder when it comes to test taking and overall, just learning. I was interested to hear this answer, because personally I believe that students in classrooms that are not 100 percent fluent in English are at a huge disadvantage. The person who was chosen to answer her kind of 'beat around the bush' and gave some vague answer about how they can overcome that obstacle. Well, of course they can, but what is the solution?

My next point about this conference, I think everyone will agree with. I know we all heard this, because when it was said, you could just tell by the look on peoples faces that something wrong had entered their ears. It was this older presenter. To sum it up quick, he basically referred to the African-American students at a certain school as the "Negros". I don't think that term was acceptable since the early 1900's. That is something I would expect to hear on the streets, or maybe even see online, but to hear it from a man who is part of a formal conference in a room full of people? I mean, come on buddy. There is better words to use than that. I honestly waited for him to correct himself, or quickly apologize or something, but nope. He just carried right on.

This was my first time being at a conference like this. I pictured it being a bit different because I had never been to a legit 'conference' before. I just imagined it as being like one of the assemblies you go to in high school. Man, was I wrong haha. Overall, it was bad (not going to lie) but it was bearable. We all made it out alive!!!!!! (even though I didn't think I would)

One thing that I though was cool was the fact the mayer of our capital city, Angel Taveres, was there. He is a huge role model to many kids who are Hispanic in our community.

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