Tuesday, December 10, 2013

McIntosh (Late Post)

This was one of our first blogs we did; I accidentally did this is a Think Piece instead of posting it as a blog. (Hard copy will be in my folder)

Anyways, just to sum up what I had wrote for a blog, I would like to talk about the main point I found while originally writing it. On page two of the McIntosh reading, she lists 26 examples of this "White Privilege" that society places upon us. One thing she talks about is this "White Privilege"while shopping. The majority of the time, store managers will not follow white people around the store, or watch them and assume they are stealing something. In some cases, employees may do this if the shopper is, say African-American or Hispanic. Being a white person, I never have to worry about this.
     Anyways, anothetr thing she points out is the fact she can buy things that will 'match' her. What I mean bu this is simply the fact that many products favor Whites (not sure if 'favor' is the best word to use.) For example, you can buy Band-Aids in stores called "flesh" color. The color of these Band-Aids are a peach/tan color that will match the skin color of Caucasians, but not any other race. Another thing you can notice while shopping comes in toy stores. 85-90% of the dolls and action figures you see are based off of white people. Dont get me wrong, they do make dolls and toys of different skin colors, but the majority of dolls are white. This may be problems for children of different races, wondering why their toys do not look like them or resemble their skin color. It is the year 2013 and this problem still exists, but is not as bad as the previous years. It is slowly getting better 

notice in this picture of Barbie dolls at a toy store, there are no African American Barbies. Only Caucasian Barbies, as well as some Barbies of a slightly darker complexion

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